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3 Major Reason to Differentiate SEO Services and Digital Marketing

Role of SEO in Digital marketing

If you are thinking to promote your business through digital marketing, then you must understand the technical aspect and functional aspect of the platform. SEO and digital marketing gets confused too often. It is imperative to get to know the facts about SEO and digital marketing so that your marketing efforts are channelized towards proper outcomes.

Role of SEO in Digital marketing

What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the platform where your business goes viral and online. This includes SEO, SMO, and mobile apps. Using the digital platform, you will have multiple channels to reach your audience such as search engine, social media sites, blogs, websites, mobile phone apps etc. Digital marketing is commonly referred to the integration of all the aspects of web technology that enables you to reach your audience. It is also a very effective way of increasing your web traffic and interacting with your consumers directly.

Digital Marketing

You can combine your Digital Marketing mix with other marketing channels to get better results in long run. The best thing digital platform does is; it gives you freedom to the customers when they are active. This means you will be in a better position to persuade your customers for buying your products.

Digital Marketing also includes emails and text message marketing, the whole gamut of things will make you immensely visible in the market, hence occupying the space in the consumers mind.

What is SEO?

SEO is basically known as Search engine Optimization. This helps you finding yourself on the top list in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is keyword based. A keyword is a word that users use while searching on the web. Keywords generally vary according to the demographics of different people from different the place are accustomed to using specific language. While creating Keywords, you must do a thorough research on consumer search behaviours. Once you identify the behaviours then you can generate the keyword that suits you the most. After generating the keyword, it is advisable to check the efficiency of the keywords with some tools.


Benefits: SEO Services and Digital marketing give you scope to reach your target audience easily and effectively. It also gives you scope to accumulate important data. Using these data you can analyse your business progress and marketing campaign process easily. As it gives you real time data and behaviour it becomes easier for you to formulate business strategy, offer and enhance your services.

As you must have understood by now that SEO is part of digital marketing campaign , you can choose to drop SEO , if you think you don’t need it currently , however it is advisable to always go for integrated digital marketing communication for more profitable results.

Do You Know About A Mobile Friendly Website


Most of us, these days, rely on our smart phones to access different websites for solving our different needs. The use of laptops for this purpose has reduced greatly. However, not all websites have been able to keep pace with this trend and hence, their websites are slow to operate and difficult to navigate on a mobile phone. This can be quite frustrating and most people stop using these sites altogether. If you do not want this to be the fate of your website, then you will have to take immediate actions to convert your website into a Mobile Friendly Website. Before you resort to website designing for revamping your site to make it mobile friendly, the thing to do is to understand the concept of mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website

Features Of A Mobile Friendly Website

While planning for Website Designing, Some of the key features which a website which is mobile friendly must include are as follows:

Website Design

  • The navigation through the site should be easy, even on the mobile device.
  • The file size used for the contents should be small. This can be done either by compressing, replacing or removing the design elements from the site. This will also help in making the usage of the site easier.
  • The content should be short, to the point and precise. Mobile users do not like too many details, hence the use of bullet points and headings and sub-headings is preferred.
  • The keypad of the phone can be used for selection of various links on the mobile site. This increases the functionality of the site greatly.
  • The various forms in the site can be linked to the registered email address of the mobile users from where all the details of the user, like his name, contact details, etc., can be directly filled into the forms.

Features Of A Non-Friendly Mobile Website

Just as it is important to understand the feature which make a site mobile friendly, similarly, it is also important to know and beware of the features which can make your website mobile non-friendly.

  • Viewing of the content is difficult due to excess navigation or scrolling of the screen requirement. Therefore, if the user has to scroll his screen left, right, up and down many times to read a content, then he will not enjoy the experience of your site on his mobile.
  • The link buttons are very small in size and hence difficult to operate. It is important that these links should be made in bold sizes and placed at good intervals from each other making it easy to operate them even with fat or big fingers.
  • The content of the website includes many different font sizes, because of which the user has to constantly zoom in and out of the screen. This, too, can be quite frustrating for the user.
  • The format for filling out the embedded forms in the site is very difficult.

Making Of A Mobile Friendly Website

Once you have understood what all features to include and which all features to avoid while doing website designing for your mobile site, the next step is to choose one of the following methods for making your website mobile friendly in the most budgeted and cost effective manner:

Mobile Friendly

  • Create mobile apps for your website instead of offering complete site on the mobile phones.
  • Convert your existing site into a mobile website
  • Use responsive website designs to make your website equally efficient for use, both on a laptop as well as on a mobile device.

Making Of A Mobile Friendly Site, At The Best Price


Different companies adopt different techniques for making their websites more mobile friendly. There are three main approaches which are most popular towards this end. The main reason for the popularity of these three approaches is that they are able to convert these sites into Mobile Friendly Websites at the best price or in the most economical way. Resorting to fresh website designing especially of mobiles can be an expensive affair. Therefore, to save cost and yet reach out to the millions of mobile users all over the world, adopt one of the below mentioned three tips:

Use Of Mobile Applications


Most of the websites have launched mobile apps for their websites which are specific tasks based. With the help of these applications, the users are able to save information about the site, play games on the site or access other web content of these sites and perform other specific tasks on the website from the mobile phones. These applications are specifically devised for specific mobile devices and they provide a smooth and powerful experience of the site. Building an application is not as cheap as it may sound, just like website designing, designing of these apps also requires a lot of technical research and support which costs huge sums of money. However, when compared to the cost of launching a completely new site, this option does fall into the cheaper category.

Use Of Responsive Websites

Responsive web design can help your seo

Responsive websites are the best option for creation of a website which can be accessed with equal ease on a laptop as well as on a mobile device. These websites use flexible layouts, which adapt to the screen size of the display medium. Thus, they are able to perform equally well on both laptop and a mobile. This is also the most reasonable and affordable method of providing your users with a website which is mobile friendly. However, the drawback of this technique is that it is effective only if you are in the process of developing a new website. In case of old websites, you will have to check if they have a responsive web design or not. If they have any then the same response can be activated to make the site easy to operate and navigate on a mobile, but if they do have this feature in them, then creation of a new mobile site is the only option left.

Combining The Above Two To Find A Hybrid Solution


Many companies are offering their users the option of a mobile app with limited task operating features and for access to the remaining information and data of the site, the users can access the mobile site of the company which is activated with responsive Wbsite Designing. Thus, the need for complete revamp of the website can be avoided since the users will be able to access the main tasks through the mobile app and for other information they can use the main site which too would be easy to navigate because of the responsive feature. This saves the cost of creating two separate websites, one for the mobile and the other for the laptop.

One can adopt any of the above three techniques for making their website mobile friendly, or they can simply go in for the creation of a new and separate mobile website, which can be quite expensive.