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Making Of A Mobile Friendly Site, At The Best Price


Different companies adopt different techniques for making their websites more mobile friendly. There are three main approaches which are most popular towards this end. The main reason for the popularity of these three approaches is that they are able to convert these sites into Mobile Friendly Websites at the best price or in the most economical way. Resorting to fresh website designing especially of mobiles can be an expensive affair. Therefore, to save cost and yet reach out to the millions of mobile users all over the world, adopt one of the below mentioned three tips:

Use Of Mobile Applications


Most of the websites have launched mobile apps for their websites which are specific tasks based. With the help of these applications, the users are able to save information about the site, play games on the site or access other web content of these sites and perform other specific tasks on the website from the mobile phones. These applications are specifically devised for specific mobile devices and they provide a smooth and powerful experience of the site. Building an application is not as cheap as it may sound, just like website designing, designing of these apps also requires a lot of technical research and support which costs huge sums of money. However, when compared to the cost of launching a completely new site, this option does fall into the cheaper category.

Use Of Responsive Websites

Responsive web design can help your seo

Responsive websites are the best option for creation of a website which can be accessed with equal ease on a laptop as well as on a mobile device. These websites use flexible layouts, which adapt to the screen size of the display medium. Thus, they are able to perform equally well on both laptop and a mobile. This is also the most reasonable and affordable method of providing your users with a website which is mobile friendly. However, the drawback of this technique is that it is effective only if you are in the process of developing a new website. In case of old websites, you will have to check if they have a responsive web design or not. If they have any then the same response can be activated to make the site easy to operate and navigate on a mobile, but if they do have this feature in them, then creation of a new mobile site is the only option left.

Combining The Above Two To Find A Hybrid Solution


Many companies are offering their users the option of a mobile app with limited task operating features and for access to the remaining information and data of the site, the users can access the mobile site of the company which is activated with responsive Wbsite Designing. Thus, the need for complete revamp of the website can be avoided since the users will be able to access the main tasks through the mobile app and for other information they can use the main site which too would be easy to navigate because of the responsive feature. This saves the cost of creating two separate websites, one for the mobile and the other for the laptop.

One can adopt any of the above three techniques for making their website mobile friendly, or they can simply go in for the creation of a new and separate mobile website, which can be quite expensive.

Life is like a roller-coaster ride

I happened to visit Imagica yesterday with the entire family, enjoyed all rides and especially the Roller-coaster ride which was zip zap zoooom…
At the beginning I was little nervous and thought of skipping it, however the family encouraged me to have fun and enjoy the ride. We all got into the train and seated well, having a thrill in mind and bit of nervy feeling too, there was a little fear in the back of the mind that what sort of experience is it going to be? The train started slowly taking us from a shelter curved tunnel and taking small turns, preparing us to be cool headed and then here we go….up and down, right and turn and so on. We enjoyed almost 3 to 4 minutes of thrilling and adventurous ride. Feeling up above all, and as if we are flying all alone; everyone had different experience though some were enjoying and other nervous and wanted the ride to get over. Screams and yells were heard, many of us waving to the crowd and this way the thrilling entertainment got over just within minutes. Everyone got down from the train and shared their experience, I was speechless for a moment; didn’t realize whether I was scared or I enjoyed it. But the overall experience was good and I got to know that I enjoyed when I saw a bigger roller-coaster ride there itself and told myself, “I would like to have its experience too”.

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Television ( Chota Parda ) GRP & TRP

We watch many programs on television, advertisements, documentaries and various TV shows. How do you think the measurement of being a popular program or movie is rated? Like any other industry, television also has measuring parameters. GRP which is an abbreviation of Gross Rating Point is a metric to measure impressions in relation to the number of people in the audience for advertisement, TV shows campaigns. Usually GRP values are used by media buying companies to compare the advertising strength of various media mediums.
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