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Creativity, Hardwork, Smartwork & Money!

Seeing the entertainment industry from a distance, I had believed it’s all about luck and beauty that makes this industry of chota parda & bada parda. But, after getting little closer to it, my perception changed wholly. This entertainment industry which has so much to offer the world is full of creativity, hardwork & money. YES, I meant all three and this is because creativity of the concept designers, script writers, director of Photography, music creators, lyrics writers, cinematography all are deeply involved in making a movie or a serial a hit show. Whereas, the cameraman, lights & sound man, technicians which are the back stage of any such film, documentary or a serial , are also the pillars behind such successes. Smartwork by the directors, actors, producers give a final touch to the outlook. Money comes in the role when the project has to be funded, and wise-e-versa.
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